Migraine Headache Relief — Bilan Chiropractic Anchorage

A common cause of headaches is from spinal bones in the neck that aren’t supporting the head properly. You might not notice your reduced ability to turn your head. Misalignment of the spine can cause muscle stiffness and stress the nerves that facilitate blood flow to the head. This, in turn, can trigger a migraine headache.

Here are some of the ways that chiropractic treatment from Bilan Chiropractic helps reduce the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, in addition to reducing the need for pharmaceutical pain relief:

  • Reduces muscle stiffness and tension
  • Restoration of normal blood flow
  • Spinal adjustment leads to proper nerve pathway communication
  • Reduction of nerve irritation reduces pain signals being sent to the brain
  • Strengthens muscle structures that provide support for the spine
  • Identification of potential triggers
  • Chiropractic unlocks the body’s natural healing properties

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If it has never occurred to you that working with a chiropractor can provide relief for your migraine headaches, it’s time to find true relief. The debilitating pain, nausea, and disability from migraines don’t have to be a permanent part of your life. While we can’t guarantee results, we have a high success rate with patients who get headaches. We’re local in Anchorage Give us a call. Let’s sit down and discuss your unique situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. The three most common causes are physical trauma, emotional stress or chemical toxins. Sometimes there may be a combination of factors. Our examination process helps identify the most likely cause(s).
There are three basic causes of subluxations. Physical causes could include slips and falls, accidents, repetitive motions, and improper lifting. Emotions, such as stress, anger and fear can be the cause of subluxations. Chemical causes could include alcohol, drugs, preservatives, pollution and poor diet.
Most sciatica patients are delighted with the results they get after weeks or months of care. Naturally, this varies from patient to patient. After a relapse or two, many discover that years of neglect have produced spinal instabilities that never fully heal. These patients elect to continue with periodic chiropractic checkups. It’s up to you.
The pain you feel is real. And psychological sources of pain are common. However, this “diagnosis” is often the last resort of health practitioners who have exhausted their possible explanations of the cause of your problem. In these cases, we’ve often found that undetected subluxations are likely culprits.
Some patients enjoy results quickly. Others notice a slow decline in their symptoms after several weeks or longer of chiropractic care. It’s impossible to predict. If you’ve had chronic headaches for many years, improvement can take time. We monitor your progress and modify our recommendations as needed.
If we’re unable to find and correct the cause of your particular health problem, we will refer to other experts who may be able to help. Your health and your satisfaction are our only goal.
That’s changing. Years of prejudice and bias are giving way to research showing the benefits of chiropractic care. Attitudes are slow to change. However, as the public demands alternatives to drugs and surgery, more and more medical practitioners are referring to chiropractors.